taste of the bear food recipes

Roast chicken is my favorite dish to make since I study abroad and live far away from my family. Having 5-6 classes each semester means I rarely have time to cook, so I try to go for some roasting 101 recipes. Thanks to 2 years working for Kitchen Art and KAfe Group, I am quite confident with cooking and testing simple and basic dishes. Roast chicken is fantastic, so comforting, full of flavor, easy to prep, and to mix with any kinds of vegetables. Here are some of my tips and tricks to make sure the chicken always come out delicious and juicy

#1  Take the chicken out of fridge about an hour before you roast (It applies to any types of meat)

If your chicken is frozen, you can defrost it by removing your chicken from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator to thaw. I takes at least 1 night for thighs and about 24 hours for the whole chicken. Using microwave is not recommended, however; in case you forget to defrost it in refrigerator, you can defrost chicken within the defrost mode and divide into several times (about 30-45s each time) to make sure the meat would not be cooked in the microwave. Also keep in mind that don’t use cold water for defrosting since it makes the meat tasteless. Defrosting chicken is easy, but must be done in the right way in order to keep the flavor of meat. 

#2 Using butter (in room temperature) to grease underneath the skin

This is a trick that I have learned from blogger anh’sfood and Gordon Ramsay. Butter will save the meat from dry and add more flavor to the meat as well as the skin.


#3 Baste the chicken with olive oil or butter 

Seriously, you don’t want your chicken comes out too dark on the surface! Use a large spoon or a brush to baste the chicken!

#4 Marinate, marinate, and marinate

 Some great combinations to marinate:
– Lemon, honey, garlic and  rosemarry
– Greek yogurt, paprika, cumin
– Buttermilk, honey, garlic and thyme
* Don’t forget to add on your favorite vegetables such as broccoli, carrot, squash, or egg plant.

Hope you guys enjoy roasting chicken. I will share my favorite recipe to marinate and roast the whole chicken in the next blog post!