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3 years ago, at Bangkok train station, when I was waiting for a train to Chiang Mai to come, I heard a backpacker said that the reason why he went down the road and travelled the world was because of his fear of dying tomorrow.

Last week, on my flight back to LA, after a long day of conference in Denver, I was the last person boarding the plane with an exhausted expression. A stranger asked me to switch my seat (which was a window seat as I was planning to film some footages for my vlog) to his. I agreed and let him seat near the window. It turned out that he did physical visual effects for several blockbusters like Interstellar, The Dark Knight, etc, which is quite a dangerous task. Working in such environment makes him want to appreciate and witness all the best moments in life. When the plane was taking off a bit shakily, that man gave me a small bottle of alcohol and said jokingly: “You never know which one is the last one!”. Cheers!

There are so many people & events in my life that encourage me to live wholeheartedly, to respect what I do have and to go on another trip. My advice to all of the youngsters out there, high school graduates, college freshmen or seniors, is to make some money, travel a lot, and learn from observation & experiences. Just in case you wouldn’t wake up tomorrow.

window seat words

Photo: Taylor Tippett