Hi guys, this is the best part of my spring break trip. My friend & I were driving to Point Reyes Lighthouse from San Francisco for a day. It took about 2 hours of driving & 30 minutes of hiking to get there. I would say that it totally worth seeing. We enjoyed the crisp & fresh air while watching the nice blue sea with nice sun sparkles on surface. Although we couldn’t get in the lighthouse due to the construction, we still felt super chill & calm. Luckily, we met an old scientist & he offered us to use his field-glasses to see common murres coming to land to breed on the rocks & cliff areas. (As my biology teacher said, Common murre is a type of sea bird living in North America especially California’s Pacific coast) We also saw whales on the way going back to our car. How sick is that! We hope we could spend more time here, and for the 1st time in my life, I think I really need a DSLR camera to preserve those beautiful  memories.

Anyways, here is a short clip that taken by my iPhone, edited by my friend @tommy.tran. If you guys like it, don’t forget to subscribe, like & leave some comments!


Common Murres on cliff areas


point reyes cliff

point reyes

California’s Pacific Coast