how to get good grades

Some tips and tricks to get good grades at school!

1. Goals setting

Goals setting is a common strategy for helping individuals improve their performance in for both work and study. Determining your destination always make your path a lot easier. Here are some criteria for setting goals:

S – Specific – Goals are identifiable & observable

M – Measurable – Goals can be assessed the degree of accomplishment

A – Aligned – Goals are consistent with personal values, congruent with organization’s purpose

R – Realistic – Goals are capable of being achieved

T – Time – a deadline for achieving the goals is stated

An example of a SMART goal might be: Within 6 months, I will get an A in math class.

set smart goals

2. Small wins

By “small win,” I mean a tiny but definite effort made in a desired direction. For example to do math homework, you could begin by doing a problem that is easy to do. Then, do a second problem that is easy to do, and so on. When we focus on a small, concrete outcome, it giving us a chance to enjoy visible success. Getting better at something provides a great source of renewable energy, which develops our confidence and optimism as well as motivates the pursuit of another small win. Personal mastery begins by dividing complex tasks into small parts. Each small win or incremental achievement may seem insignificant by itself, but it generates a sense of movement, progress, and success. I literally “slay” all of my essays this semester by starting typing some short sentence such as “My name is Nam”, “This is my essay” on my paper. In addition, you can also reward yourself something each time you achieve a small wins, for example, treat yourself a bar of chocolate or 20 minute of listening to music after getting an essay done.

how to get good grades

3. Effective Time Management

We’re all equal when it comes to time. My recommendation is always having your own schedule/plan for your day. It is not necessary to write it down, you could just plan what are you gonna get done today, give yourself a deadline for each homework, essay, etc. You could have a couple of extra hours a day by waking up early or staying up late, which depends on which time of the day you could get things done the most. I normally sleep about 6-7 hours a day when studying for finals. Another “hardcore” trick is taking a short nap (15 minutes) every 4 hours. 15 minutes – nap will keep you awake for 4 hours ahead. In addition, you can find some shortcuts to save more time used for your hedonic demands, such as checking Facebook while pooping or listening to music, podcast while driving.

time management tips

4. How to do multiple choice questions

Look over the test before starting doing it. Sometimes, previous question is a hint for the next question. If you have no idea about the question, just go for the first choice or first impression.

tips for multiple choice question

5. How to remember things for your test?

Some basic & simple tips are attending the lecture, taking notes & using flashcards. Reading, reviewing the materials before going to bed, after waking up will help you memorise things easier. Another tip is recalling the materials while doing daily activities such as driving, walking & talking with friends. By teaching someone else your materials, you gotta remember things more efficient. The studies found that people remember 5 percent of what they hear in a lecture, 10 percent of what they read,  50 percent of what they discuss in a group, 5 percent of what they apply, and 90 percent of what they teach to others. (The Learning Stair)

how to remember things

6.  It is no use preaching to a hungry man

How is diet related to the study well and get good grades? Most of the brain cells are composed of proteins and lipids, while sugar or carbohydrates (as fuel) provide energy for all activities in the body. Therefore, carb generally, and foods particularly like rice, noodles, bread are good for your memory.  I would recommend for people who are currently studying for exams say no to low-carb diet. Besides, food such as eggs, salmon, green vegetables are also good for brain activity. Finally, remember to drink enough water, especially the night owl.

good food for brain

If you have any other tips & want to share, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Thank you!

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