About Nam Nguyen


Los Angeles-based Food Stylist and Social Media Guru


Nam Nguyen is the mastermind behind the blogosphere Taste of the bear. He first came up with the idea of Taste of the bear in early 2015 in Vietnam. As the main writer, he has strong interests in food and traveling. His food recipes and styling focus on the simplicity in preparing and cooking with basic & healthy ingredients. Having the opportunity to travel and study abroad, Nam finds inspiration through food, people, and cultural stories wherever he has been to. Nam also has strong interests in marketing, branding and social media as he chose to learn more in the US.

Nam was born and raised in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. His father, an incredible home-cook, passed away when he was 4, so his mother, an oriental nurse, has been working hard for so many years to take care of Nam and his sister. The two big values that he learnt from his family are appreciation and compassion. Growing up in a city that has long-standing and distinctive culture has nurtured his sense of aesthetic, creativivity and exquisiteness. Nam spent 3 years to study in Foreign Trade university of Vietnam and now; he is currently studying at California State University of Fullerton majoring in Business Administration.

Nam Nguyen’s career as a food stylist and marketer began when he started working for Kitchen Art and Kafe Group as a food styling & marketing assistant. After a short period of five months, he got promoted to Social media manager and special event coordinator. In 2 years, he became senior food stylist at Kitchen Art and worked with a portfolio of clients such as Dep magazine, Ogilvy, Dutch Lady milk, Pullman hotel and Bich Phuong idol. At that time, Nam also started his freelancing career in marketing & branding industry where he served and consulted for small start-up businesses such as Men Decor, Beau Creative and Clever Academy.

Currently, Nam has pursued his career in Southern California as a freelance food stylist. Recently, he is an intern at Gianneschi Center for Non Profit Research located in Mihaylo Business building as a Social Media & Special Event Coordinator. He chooses to work for a non-profit organization to apply what he has learnt about marketing at both school and real experience, as well as to serve the community where he lives, studies, and works.

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