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On Spring break, I have had chance to visit Headquarters of Google aka Googleplex located at Mountain View, Silicon Valley. My friend who works there guided me around the campus, we also took a private tour in several buildings and had lunch at Google. Taking pictures inside the office was not recommended, so I just captured some exterior pics and of course, my lunch. I have to say Google campus is truly amazing and it’s worth calling one of the best place to work at.

The Googleplex is big as a city! I’m sure you couldn’t imagine how giant it is. It seemed like a combination of office buildings, meditation room, gym center, and restaurants. Each building has it own snack, healthy juice bars. Furthermore, there are many different concept rooms for chilling designed in multi-culture styles, which allows employees to hide away when they feel stress at work. For example, we passed by an Arab room with the dim light, low table and local tea. They have about 4 – 5 dinning halls, restaurants and food trucks in the campus serving various types of food from Asian to American style, from protein-rich to vegetarian. Specially, Google staffs are well treated with 3 full meals everyday, using functional room such as gym, meditation for free. The most impressive thing to me is the cooking class inside one of the dining hall. Yes! Cooking class in a workplace! How sick is that? This is the place where Google employees can learn how to cook and do team-building. Guess what? They still get paid at their normal rate for the cooking time. I wish I could have a chance.. Nahh Forget it.

Here are some of my captured moments at Googleplex:

Google bicycle

Xe đạp để di chuyển trong campus