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I visited Phnom Penh about ..2 years ago, so obviously I didn’t remember all the tips and guides. Anyways, me and my uncle had a great time there. We planned to go to Sihanoukville at first, but we missed the bus, so we enjoyed a short layover in Phnom Penh for a day, then went back to Ho Chi Minh city. Here are some of my suggestions for sightseeing, coffee & snack places in Phnom Penh. Hope it helps!



Containing some spectacular buildings, The Royal Palace is one of Phnom Penh’s most splendid architectural achievements. I was shock because of the gleaming golden royal buildings and the magnificent garden. Even the steps are crafted from Italian marble, and the regal floor consists of hundreds of solid silver blocks. The surrounding the main area is covered by the artefacts and the relief sculpture walls influenced by Buddhism. The gardens are full of botanical scents, and of course, bonsais in Asian style. Man! It was such a peaceful afternoon! The environment, the buildings, the vibes! Everything is so beautiful in the sunset light. I could just sit on the green grass and enjoy the stunning royal spectacle for hours. Another place to checkout Independence Monument. I was walking around the centre of the city at night and spontaneous passing this place. At the very first sight, I thought it was illusion because of the monument’s shapes and the dim lights. I guess there are so many stories & myths behind the building. Anyways, it is photogenic. That’s enough to me lol




The Independence Monument by night.. Looks like illusion!



There is a chain of coffee shop called Brown Coffee & Bakery that I highly recommend you guys to check it out when coming to Phnom Penh. I dropped in this outlet when strolling along the river bank. It was a lovely relaxed place to chill, escape from the heat & have a cup of coffee, sweet treats, or a quick lunch. The coffee, cake & pastry was simple, delicious for a reasonable price.

Check out some other outlets: https://www.browncoffee.com.kh


Brown Coffee


Da sandro panini bar