Tomorrow May 19th is my birthday!!!! Here are 5 things I have learned before turning 23:

1. Stay positive

Last August, I graduated from college and applied for several dream jobs of mine. I went to several interviews. None of them got back. One of my teachers said to me

A year from now you are going to be a year older, what are you going to do?

We may be in a bad position right now, that happens, life happens,  but a year from now, what are we going to change  so that we will not in the same position we are here today. Things get better when I start changing my attitude towards failures and unexpected events in my life. So yes, always stay positive and be resilient regardless of any challenges you  encounter on your path.

2. Small things matter.

If you are super passion about a certain things, you definitely should push towards it. Start small, then step up and take it to a bigger league as you learn from mistakes.

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent van Gogh

3. Keep a journal and stay organized

I have tons of ideas that I come up with everyday that I always write down and try to develop each of these later. Keeping a journal helps you preserve all your random thoughts, which may turn into great business models or products in the future. Additionally, also make sure you arrange it in the most organized way. I personally enjoy using Evernote for taking notes and keeping every ideas organized.

4. Networking and making new friends should not be stressful

I know this one sounds odd to most of extrovert people out there. I’m an introvert, which means that I feel so uncomfortable and even exhausted and tired when socializing and talking to strangers. However, my business trip to NAFSA (for VNIS) last year changed my perspective. I had to meet and chat with over 70 college representatives during 3 days. I realize that networking may not be stressful as I thought. You just need to practice. In addition, one of my tips to actually make new friends is simply listening to them and actively engaging with their stories.

If you want to be more interesting, become more interested.

5.  Spend money and time on experiences

Life is about going out and experiencing colors, tastes, people, and cultures. Do not squander the time by staring at mobile screens and living other people’s lives.