Before Spring break, my friend who is a professional photographer based in New York came to visit me in Orange County. He asked me to plan a short trip to Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California for 1 and a half day. This is the place that all bloggers, photographers & travellers have to see once in life, so I was like Yass let’s go on a road trip. I even knew about Joshua Park before studying in the US, so I quickly found out where is the best spots to visit in the park since we only spent a day there.


joshua tree national park

Our vacation house that I found on Airbnb

joshua tree national park

With a spectacular view

joshua tree national park

rustic interior & it looks so American!!


Day 1:

We stayed in a vacation house that I found on Airbnb for a super reasonable price! Our host who is a English teacher in German (Dang! he only works in summer & fall, then spends the rest of the year at this house, just chill) was so nice. He had lunch with us, offered us tea and snacks, he also told us some stories about the park when we sit around the fire place at night. The best thing about renting an Airbnb is that you can cook your own food! We brought with the ingredients to make Banh mi in Vietnam style for lunch & treating Tom (the lovely host). Arriving at noon, we had banh mi for lunch (it took a while to do styling stuff & take the best picture of banh mi haha).  We had very little time as it would soon get dark, so we drove like crazy to Key Views then pose snap snap pose, then drove even faster to Cholla Cactus garden, everyone wanted to be there on golden hour, so we could have the most aesthetic picture lol




Food blogger ritual lol

banh mi homemade

#handsinframe #slay #vietnamesebanhmi

joshua tree national park

“He said let’s get out of this town Drive out of the city Away from the crowds”

joshua tree national park

I thought heaven can’t help me now :))

cholla cactus garden

You should really be careful when going down there, make sure you wear a solid sole shoes (my friend wore Nike & he got bloody because of the thorns on the ground)

joshua tree national park

Golden hour be like..

joshua tree national park

then doing travel blogger ritual


Day 2:

Day 2, I prepared a homemade raspberry peach clafoutis & Earl grey tea for breakfast. Recipe for the cake will be updated soon on my blog!! After that, we went to the Black Rock area, looked for the huge Joshua tree to take picture. We tried to be as quick as possible since we would having a birthday party in Orange County at night. After taking 5879 photos of Joshua trees, we dropped in Palm Springs for a cup of coffee really quick before heading back to OC. The trip was really amazing with good friends, delicious food, nice pictures & so many gossip stories lol Next time we love to spend more time in the park, camping anyone?


homemade breakfast

Had breakfast with homemade clafoutis, tea & some berries

Don’t forget to “instagram”

joshua tree national park

Can I live there every winter please

joshua tree national park

On the road, again

joshua tree national park

Pose snap snap pose


joshua tree national park

being so deep

joshua tree national park

sometimes it just fails

palm spring guide

palm spring

the legendary pink door – one of the most instagram-able spot in Palm Springs