The gorgeous skinny palm trees have always been the icon of Los Angeles’ street. Let’s go find the most photogenic and “instagram-able” palm tree-lined street in LA!



First, I want to share with you guys a short video filmed in LA by Cup of couple (My favorite blog so far). This video gives me the inspiration to seek for the best street with exquisite palm tree view in the city of lights. You can read their blog at:

W 5th Street – A nice road bordered with tall skinny palm trees

palm tree LA map

The screenshot I took on Google, for visual learners!

LA palm tree map

The exact address!

I saw this street while walking around Korean Town area (to find restroom loll) with my friend. You have no idea how grateful and happy I was when I first discovered this street. It looks exactly like in those famous Hollywood movies or in some music videos shot in California. The long straight road with super tall and skinny palm trees lined on either side to infinity just immediately caught me off guard. We totally forgot that we need to go restroom, instead, we spent hours taking photos, snaps, posing in order to have the best photos with the most likes! Long live the Instagram!!

palm trees LA

Typical angle to shoot palm tree

Fancy huh?

The best time to visit

At sunset, I mean golden hours, of course! We waited till sunset to take these pictures. Look at the charming shades of twilight sky blending with sun-kissed palm tree color! The scenery is to die for, isn’t it? 

LA palm tree street

Make sure you capture the symmetry

LA palm tree lined street

How beautiful it is at dusk!

How do you think? If you know any streets that have better palm tree view, please let me know! Send me the address, or pictures or anything!!