best meal in 2018

The ultimate list of the best food I had in 2018

Phở bò sốt vang

This is a classic Viet dish that my mom would cook to impress guesses. I attempted to make the dish in the instant pot earlier this year and it was a hit.

spring shabu shabu

Spring Shabu Shabu (Boston)

This is my fav spot for hot pot in Boston. All you can eat veggies, unlimited matcha soft serve. Like can you even say no to all these?

S&I Thai to go

Another fav in Boston. Very authentic Thai food (as my Thai classmate stated)

yume ga arukara

Yume Ga Arukara (Boston)

I have been going to Yume before they got famous. Now I still go there except that I have to get in line and wait for at least an hour for their handmade cold udon with thinly sliced beef in umami and sweet sauce. Seriously, I took my best friends there, took my dates there. They all loved this place.

prince street pizza

Prince Street Pizza (NYC)

This is arguably one of the best meal I have ever had. Like can you believe? I’ve been to Michelin star and stuff. But honestly, seeing my best friends after 3 years, having NYC slice, thin, crispy crust topped with a thin layer of homemade tomato sauce, and cheese. Just that. Life is good.

Chaval (Portland, ME)

That night in Portland Jeff asked me if I wanted to skip the classic Central Provisions for Chaval. I said yes. And I’m glad I did. Gotta love quality time in a quality city with quality people.

Bún Chả

Throwback time to when my friends and I cooked this iconic dish at the backyard of a high-end apartment. I knew that everyone in the apartment atm was very jealous of us for having a good time and good food. This dish also reminds me of my roots and my childhood, and sadly there’s no good place to try this in Boston or LA or San Francisco.

Boston college food

Boston College food

It’s funny now that I don’t go to school anymore, I’ve realized how much I appreciated BC food on campus. Fun fact: I worked at BC Dining Hall for faculty for a semester and tried almost all the best dishes that came out of BC kitchen.

homemade steak

Homemade steak with my roommates

Back when steaks were on sales at Starmarket on Western Ave., Henry and Tony cooked a mean steak. The alarm did go off but honestly, who cares?

Dominican breakfast

Victor cooked me a Dominican breakfast with eggs, pickled onions and mangú (Mashed plantains). Honestly, I could make better eggs but I gave him partial credit for the goat cheese sprinkled on top. We don’t hang out anymore. But that doesn’t change the fact that we had a great time enjoying good food.

vietnamese food

Homemade Vietnamese food

A life-changing event happened, my friend, Mazz moved to Boston from Hanoi. She cooks me food that tastes just like home.

taco listo LA

Tacos Listo (LA)

There is this small taco stand in a parking lot next to USC, LA. Cash only, each taco for $1.50 I got 2 rounds of Tacos al pastor and de lengua with a side of salsa. It’s like good food on a budget. What else can we ask for?

Burma Love (San Francisco)

I was starving to death while my friend, Thao, yelling at the waiter and the manager and other customers about how slow the service at this restaurant was. Guess what? Eventually, we got good food for free. Get yourself a sassy friend. Btw the food was fantastic, loved the tea leaves salad and mango curry.

The Shop (Portland, ME)

Every time I am in Portland, I’d make sure to pay a visit to this fantastic oyster outlet and bar. The staff will help walk you through a variety of oysters from all over New England and is extremely friendly and approachable.

Crawfish at Maple Leaf Bar (New Orleans)

Yes, I went to a jazz music bar for crawfish. This place is wild. On Sunday nights, at 9 pm, they dump freaking boil crawfish and meat on the center table,  – $10 for all you COULD eat. The food is indeed, delicious. Part restaurant, part live music bar, all good. Like “Try some rabbit, dude”.